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Sousana Christianidou

Sousana Christianidou is a Multimedia and Graphic Design graduate from Cyprus. She has extensive experience in print design material and visual communication packages. Highly skilled in video editing and competent in working collaboratively and innovatively.


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Cut Out Expo

Promotional video by Sousana Christianidou

Visualization of the haiku collections by Nicos Philippou / Fortino Samano through the use of typographic experimentation and illustrations, resulting in the creation of two books.

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The One Page Book

Book design by Sousana Christianidou

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The Stranger

Book cover design by Sousana Christianidou

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Smart Buildings

Poster design by Sousana Christianidou

Book cover design for

 The Stranger 

by Albert Camus.

poster2 - Suzana Chri.jpg

Male Breast Cancer

Advertising campaign by Sousana Christianidou

Social campaign design for raising awareness about male breast cancer.

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