nektaria_constandinou - Nektaria Constan

Nektaria Constandinou was born in Nicosia and is 22 years old. She is a graduate of the 3rd nicosia school of arts from the graphical arts course.


Growing up, she fell in love with the field of art and attended lessons for fine and applied arts during her teenage years. Graduating from art school she turned her hobby into a profession, studying at university level in the multimedia and graphical arts department of the Cypriot Technological University.


She is described as a very organised, attention to detail person, who is willing to grow and improve her abilities.


She is working as a freelancer, she has designed logos for small companies while also taking on graphic design work for the theatrical plays "Loitering" and "Father help us". In her free time she takes interest in photography and engraving.


Nektaria Constandinou

Book Cover Design for Franz Kafka's book Metamorphosis

by Nektaria Constandinou

Book cover design with the same technique and style, in order to create a coherent look

for a book series.

Design for three different covers for Franz Kafka's book Metamorphosis.

A different design style was used for each cover.

Book Cover Design for series of books

by Nektaria Constandinou

Design of a lamp inspired by the baroque period. Made with the help of a laser cutter.

"Ρε Γάρε"

Book design by Nektaria Constandinou

Design for a book with the title "Ρε γάρεε". With the visual material used in the book, the reader can witness the behaviour and reactions of people. More specifically, the book focuses on the "No Parking" signs or street cones people put in order to suggest the phrase of the title (which is means "You are an ass!").  The title was chosen because it is a Cypriot expression used very widely.

Baroque Lighting

Object design by Nektaria Constandinou


zine by Nektaria Constandinou

Package design for the company Shrubs. The project consists of a design for the package of tea and the package of the anti-wrinkle cream the company produces. The package for the cream was designed to be re-used as a candle holder.

Design of a zine based on parts of Fortino Samano's haikus. The combination of the typography and the drawings was made to highlight the style of the lyrics.


Package design by Nektaria Constandinou

An environment created in 3D software.


3D model by Nektaria Constandinou


3D model by Nektaria Constandinou

3D modeling of a telescope.

The video was created to highlight the various parts of the object.

Traditional Cypriot pastry

Objects made of wax by Nektaria Constandinou

Visual identity design for Lefkara village. The project also consists of poster designs and the application of typographic elements on objects.

Objects made by re-using old candles. The candles were melted and the wax was poured into molds until dry. It was then sculpted to the shape of traditional Cypriot pastry.

Lefkara visual identity

Visual identity design by Nektaria Constandinou