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Michael Charalambous

Michael Charalambous is a Multimedia and Graphic Design graduate from Cyprus. Majoring in graphic design with excellent knowledge of Adobe Suite software and photography skills. In autumn 2019, he completed a four-month internship at Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab in Limassol.

aidscampaign poster1-01 - Michalis Chara

Social Design Campaign

by Michael Charalambous

Untitled-4858555 - Michalis Charalambous

Campaign against AIDS.

Shrubs logo design

by Michael Charalambous

IMG_1672 - Michalis Charalambous.JPG

Package Design

by Michael Charalambous

Untitled-5554logo - Michalis Charalambou

Logo Design for International Poetry Day

by Michael Charalambous

Acrylic box KKW.

metropolitanposter-02 - Michalis Charala

Poster Design for Metropolitan Museum of Art

by Michael Charalambous

Sequence 01.00_23_42_00.Still006.jpg

3D design

by Michael Charalambous

posters3-01 - Michalis Charalambous.jpg

Poster Design for climate change

by Michael Charalambous

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