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Maria Loizidou

Maria Loizidou is a graduate of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology.

She has a broad knowledge of design software, with in-depth skills of the Adobe Creative Suite.


In 2019, she completed a full-time internship at Visual Sociology and Museum Studies Lab in Limassol.


be_a_donor_3 - Maria Loizidou.jpg


Campaign and poster design by Maria Loizidou

diafimisi_kentrou_glosson_3 - Maria Loiz

Series of posters for a social media campaign aiming at informing the public about organ donation.

Advertissement for the Translation Center

Poster design by Maria Loizidou

ikonografisi_piimatos_2 - Maria Loizidou


by Maria Loizidou

poster_klimatiki_allagi - Maria Loizidou

Poster design about climate change

by Maria Loizidou

«…in his face

I see everybody's face..»

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