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Ioanna Fania

Ioanna Fania is a graduate of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Design of the Cyprus University of Technology. She has worked in an advertising agency as a graphic designer.

Through her studies and work in this field she has developed her creativity, critical thinking and ability for teamwork.


In addition, through experimentation in various areas of her studies, she developed an interest in the field of illustration and product design.


one page book-cover-Ioanna Fania - ioann

The one page book

by Ioanna Fania

A campaign aiming at informing the youth of Cyprus about the importance of consent.

poster-cover-Ioanna Fania - ioanna fania

A series of books based on Nicos Philippou's (Fortino Samano) haikus. The books contain illustrations of the poems.


Poster deisign by Ioanna Fania

souvenir-cover-Ioanna Fania - ioanna fan

Donkzi - Cyprus souvenir

Object design by Ioanna Fania

Cup Bin is a bin for single-use plastic and paper cups. It has an informative purpose since many think that those cups are recyclable.

cup bin-cover-Ioanna Fania - ioanna fani

Cup Bin

Product design by Ioanna Fania

campaign-cover-Ioanna Fania - ioanna fan

Bee alive

Social campaign design by Ioanna Fania

Mιsh μαsh is a card game design to teach about traditional Cypriot kitchen to youngsters. It is composed by a series of cards representing specific dishes, as well as other element helping the flow of the game.

cards game-cover-Ioanna Fania - ioanna f

μιsh μαsh - cards game

Card game designed by Ioanna Fania

A campaign aiming at raising awareness about the extinction of bees.

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