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Dimitris Yiannacou

Dιmitris Yiannacou is a Multimedia and Graphic Design graduate from the Cyprus University of Technology.


Hard work, punctuality and attention to detail are key characteristics to his work ethics, and he strives to meet all deadlines. He is experienced in working with various Multimedia software and he is great at working as a part of a team.


He aims to constantly evolve through his work.


KITCHEN.06 - Dimitris Yiannacou.png

The Modern Kitchen

3D Model by Dimitris Yiannacou

This object was created in the framework of the course on product design to serve the purpose of the award statuette to be given to the top students during the graduation ceremony. It was designed in Adobe illustrator and cut with the help of the laser cutter. Wire and led lamps were used to light up the place where the student's name would be engraved.

GraduationAwards - Dimitris Yiannacou CO

This model was created in the framework of the course on

3D design. The assignment was for the students to create a room or kitchen of their choice.

Graduation Award

Object design by Dimitris Yiannacou


The Column

3D design by Dimitris Yiannacou

Two models designed in order to create a nice atmosphere for fans of Marvel and Game of Thrones.

DREAMROOM1 - Dimitris Yiannacou.jpg

The Dream Room

3D design by Dimitris Yiannacou

3D model of a column inspired by the ancient Greek architectural style.

Sequence 01.00_26_22_13.Still002.jpg

Model created in the framework of the course on 3D design. The character created is based on TEEMO, from the video game League of Legends.

Mandarin Festival

3D video by Dimitris Yiannacou

Sequence 01.00_26_16_03.Still001.jpg

3D animation created in the framework of the 3D design course. Dimitris created a video for the Mandarin Festival that takes place annually in his village.

3D Character

by Dimitris Yiannacou

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