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Danae Athanasiou

Danae Athanasiou is a graduate of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology.

Besides her studies, she had the chance to undertake an internship in a graphic design studio, as well as to work as a freelancer for various independent design projects. Due to the above, she developed her skills in creativity, collaboration, time management, and critical thinking.

Her future goal, aside from working in the field of Graphic Arts, is to enrich her knowledge in the field of printing methods through postgraduate level studies.


Heading 1

by Danae Athanasiou

Still_Life_week1_closeup - Danae Athanas

Still Life

Photography series

by Danae Athanasiou

The project “Scentit Limassol” began with the exploration of the town of Limassol. Several scents were recorded in specific locations that give to the town its character. Subsequently, a souvenir was designed. “Scentit Limassol” is composed by a box which contains 5 bottles and a booklet. On the labels there is a map of the area where the specific smell was taken from. On the back there is the according street address and a different colour for each of them. In the book there are the according colours with photographs from each area.

Scentit_Limassol_1 - Danae

“Still Life” was created in the framework of the photography course. It spanned over a length f 8 weeks. The composition of the fruit in the from of a traditional still life was photographed each week, in order to observe the changes of the fruit and the composition itself, through the recording of close-up shots.

Scentit Limassol

Poster Design by Danae Athanasiou

Scentit Limassol

Package design by Danae Athanasiou

The_Stranger_3 - Danae Athanasiou.jpg

Poster with the subject of typography. Based on its history and its present we are called to imagine typography's future. The composition is following a minimalist style. Each one of the letters of the word "typography" corresponds to a different milestone of the history of typography. As the word reaches its end we are eaching the present and the future. The last letter, "Y" is not there, a blank spot is left. Though time, as the human brain evolves, fonts are simplyfied and tend towards abstraction.

The Stranger

Book cover design by Danae Athanasiou

Typography - Danae Athanasiou.jpg

This design of Albert Camus' book "The Stranger" was created in the framework of the book design course. Its simplicity and the neutral gray color were used to reflect the apathy of the story's main character. Four circles are embossed in the cover, to represent the gunshots that have a crucial importance in the plot of the book. Also, a word play is made with the word "stranger" by highlighting the five last letters which can be read as "anger" - thus referencing the sentiment of anger that is central in the story.


Poster Design by Danae Athanasiou

Birthd_flyer_closeup_1 - Danae Athanasio


Campaign design by Danae Athanasiou

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