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Highly creative and multi-talented graphic designer with extensive experience in the field of graphics and multimedia and but more specifically in print design, such as poster, logo, and brochure design.


Highly skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills. Passionate and inventive creator of innovative unique strategies and campaigns.


Constantinos Karkelas

motiongraphics - Constantinos Kareklas.j

Visualization of the haiku collections by Nikos Philippou /  Fortino Samano, through typographic experimentation and illustrations in two books.

mockup1 - Constantinos Kareklas.jpg

Creation of an audiovisual graphic identity for the Cut Out Exhibition with the use of motion (motion graphic identity), sound, image and typography.

The One Page Book

book design by Constantinos Kareklas

Cut Out Expo

Motion graphics video by Constantinos Kareklas

package1 - Constantinos Kareklas.jpg

SHRUBS Perfume Package

Package design by Constantinos Kareklas

Package design for the perfume

by the Greek company Shrubs.

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