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CharalambiaEnglezou - Charalambia Englez

Charalambia Englezou

Charalambia Englezou is 21 years old. She is a graduate of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology. In her student years she was a track and field athlete, having participated in the sport of speed race with various distinctions.

Growing up, her artistic aspirations led her to a different path. These new paths were full of experimentation on ideas, materials, colors and anything she inspired her. Many contests, national and international, a variety of mediums and methods stimulated he interest. Participating in such contests, she managed to acquire awards and distinctions. From 2017, she worked for two  years as a professional wedding and christening photographer.

Today, she explores and experiments with the art of installation.


Rope and Roll_4 - Charalambia Englezou.j

Redefining the classic

"Ball in maze" game

based on the logo

of the Cyprus University of Technology.

Rope and Rolls

Product design by Charalambia Englezou

Maze_CUT_3 - Charalambia Englezou.jpg

Many items, which are basically used in the daily life of a citizen, end up after their use in the trash. This product is based on the idea of ​​revising the use of used notebooks as well as avoiding to end up in the trash. At the same time. overconsumption and the purchase of new products is avoided. This product is a bag made of already used school notebooks and rope.

Ball in CUT

Product design by Charalambia Englezou

Award_1 - Charalambia Englezou.jpg

CUT Award

Object design by Charalambia Englezou

The corporate identity of Fuze magazine was created. More specifically, the logo was designed, the corporate card as well as the magazine's website.

Φιουζ_ΟπτικήΤαυτότητα_2 - Charalambia En

Award design for the graduations of Cyprus University of Technology in 2020. For the development, a motherboard, acrylic and metal screws were used.

Fuze Brand

Visual identity design by Charalamabia Englezou

Salamandra_2 - Charalambia Englezou.jpg


Object design by Charalambia Englezou

Autonomous artificial organism.

A part of Charalambia's thesis project on the subject: Water dystopia: An underwater art installation with autonomous electrical elements.

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