Athina Hamali

Athina Hamali is a graduate of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology from Nicosia. She practises painting from a young age, but growing up she developed an interest for other artistic fields as well, like animation (2D and 3D), photography and graphic design.


During her University studies, she had multiple opportunities to work professionally in her field. She worked as an internship student in the companies GAP Vassilopoulos and PWC Cyprus as a graphic designer, in Phill Adams’s photography studio as his assistant and in the Beenerds company as a graphic designer for her university internship.


She is familiar with web development (HTML, CSS). In the future, she would like to deepen her knowledge in animation and illustration by taking the specific Masters course, since this combines her various interests, especially drawing in a modern form.


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