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Portrait_AnthousaPapadopoulou - Anthousa

Anthousa Papadopoulou

Anthousa Papadopoulou is a graduate student of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, Cyprus University of Technology. She considers herself as creative, hardworking and enthusiastic, while gaining new knowledge and experience is a constant challenge for her.


Nature is her main source of inspiration, due to her inconceivable beauty. Her greatest passion is Photography, which she tries to incorporate as much as possible into her work, combining it with different types of art.


In 2019, she represented Cyprus at the Program: 2019 Matera European Capital of Culture, Canon Students & Teachers Development European Initiative. In 2018 she participated in the Erasmus + Youth Exchange Program, with the theme «Connecting Youth Through Art», in Ancient Olympia, through which she cultivated her communication and collaborative skills.


FuzeMagazine_Multimedia - Anthousa Papad

Fuze Design Magazine

by Anthousa Papadopoulou

Advertising Campaign for energy drink. The tin of the energy drink has been used as a battery in toys, because of their similar shape.

Controller - Anthousa Papadopoulou.jpg

User Interface design for the monthly magazine Fuze, which deals with Graphic Design, Multimedia, Fine Arts, Architecture and Interior Design. The layout of each webpage is based on the Fuze’s logo, which is an origami bird.

Advertising Campaign | Energy Drink

by Anthousa Papadopoulou


The Hidden Side

Photo book by Anthousa Papadopoulou

Ceiling lamp made of purple acrylic plastic, in the shape of a flower with different levels of petals.

FlowerLamp_04 - Anthousa

Photobook observing the hidden world that has been created over time from the affection of nature in a unique way. By looking through pinholes the spectacle reveals itself.

Flower Ceiling Lamp

Object design by Anthousa Papadopoulou

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