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Andreas Panayi

Andreas Panayi is 23 years old, he is from Limassol, Cyprus, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Excellence in Multimedia and Graphic Design from the Cyprus University of Technology.

Part of his work has been awarded and distinguished in several National and International competitions and exhibitions. His works have also been published in articles and publications, around the world.


Besides his studies, Andreas had the chance to work in the Graphic Design field, both in studios and individually as a freelancer with various creative projects. In addition, he has also taken part in various lectures and workshops in Cyprus and abroad.


In October 2020, he will continue his MA Studies in Graphic Communication Design at London, United Kingdom where he had been offered a place.


Personal website


1_Articol Magazine_Andreas Panayi - pana


Magazine by Andreas Panayi

This zine is the first edition of the series “travelling rubbish”. Each edition introduces a range of graphic remnants collected from a country or city all over the world. Each edition, has its own posters and stickers. Vol. 01 is dedicated to Dubai, the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Aiming to be the business hub of Western Asia, Dubai is known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and lively nightlife scenes. Through this edition you will have the chance to see this city through an alternative perspective; Graphics [tickets-flyers-receipts-labels-menus-packages-key cards-luggage tags-maps etc.] “I strictly believe that each country is not only what you see. Each country, hides its real identity in the everyday things, in what you feel, in what you think, in what you do.”

1_travelling rubbish_Andreas Panayi - pa

[άρτ]ικολ+ is a monthly magazine about Art & Design in Cyprus and Greece. Based on different topics on some of the most important design fields such as Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Typography, Industrial Design, Architecture, etc. this magazine includes many interesting photographs, articles, and a lot of amazing works created by different Cypriot and Greek Artists.

travelling rubbish zine, vol.01 - Dubai, UAE

zine by Andreas Panayi

1_Fuze_Andreas Panayi - panayi_andreas.j

FUZE Art & Design Magazine - Corporate Identity

Magazine by Andreas Panayi

“Excuse Us - Reasons for divorce” is a poster redesign of an already existing information design poster created by David McCandless in 2009. The poster aims to travel the viewer through the major reasons of getting a divorce. This typography based poster, introduces the word “DIVORCE” in a deconstructive way. Each shape area equals the percentage of each reason.

1_Excuse Us_Andreas Panayi - panayi_andr

Fuze Art & Design Magazine is a monthly magazine about Graphic Design, Multimedia, Fine Arts, Architecture and Interior Design. The target audience is professionals designers and students who study Art and Design. The Corporate Identity consists of a logo, letterhead, envelope, business cards and compliment slip. The main idea and creative concept of the project is that every creative project starts with a sketch made with pencil.

Excuse Us - Reasons for divorce

Poster by Andreas Panayi

1_Volta sto Kaimakli_Andreas Panayi - pa

part.heNON is a social design campaign about Elgin Marbles which are missing from Acropolis, Athens, Greece since 1804. The campaign consists of a series of posters, business cards, booklet, t-shirt, keyrings, bookmarks, souvenir statues, tote bag, postcards, museum tickets, wooden puzzle and stickers.

Volta sto Kaimakli - Fortino Samano

One-page book by Andreas Panayi

1_part.heNON_Andreas Panayi - panayi_and

This one-page book, is dedicated to Fortino Samano, and his haikus "Volta sto Kaimakli". Printed on tracing paper, this tiny book aims to travel the viewer in a world full of experimentation and stories.


Social Design Campaign by Andreas Panayi

1_patternSCOPE_Andreas Panayi - panayi_a

SHRUBS is a company in Cyprus and Greece offering organic products made out of natural and pure ingredients. The projects consists of the brand’s visual identity (logo design, business cards), as well as packaging design for tea and cosmetics (face and hair serums, solid soaps, hair shampoo and shower gel). All packages are made out of recycled materials.


Installation by Andreas Panayi

1_SHRUBS_Andreas Panayi - panayi_andreas

The installation introduces one minute video, which consists of six(6) moving images, aiming to represent the “Vasileiou Makedonos” street in the center of Limassol, in an alternative and interesting approach. Using the technique of Kaleidoscope, through multiple patterns, the viewer has the opportunity to interact with the artwork and explore its various perspectives. An experimental project which combines graphic design and technology, using text, image, and sound. The installation is accompanied by a small book, which represents the most interesting stills of each moving image, along with the time are shown up in the video.


Package Design by Andreas Panayi

1_aml pop-up exhibition_Andreas Panayi -

Let us together step into the magical and fantastic world of dreams. Dreams allow us to travel through our subconscious mind into their adventurous and mysterious worlds! Every dream is different and each one of them, let us travel into new dimensions, in other lives and they portray our deepest and suppressed feelings. They unveil our utmost beliefs and they sometimes are far-fetched scenarios. A new life and reality awakens through our dreams. As they express long forgotten feelings, love, affection or even darken feelings like fears, traumas, despair and pain, they always have a purpose to serve. The model’s connection with the water is unique. He has become one with it, as the water awakens worlds so far unexplored in him. Worlds he has never been before and where you can also travel, through these photographs. Enjoy these Worlds Apart!

Design of the Limassol Archeological Museum’s visual identity

with emphasis in the design of a pop-up exhibition

Thesis Project by Andreas Panayi

1_Worlds Apart_Andreas panayi - panayi_a

Worlds Apart

Photography Series by Andreas Panayi

The project researches and records the graphic and physical deficiencies of the Limassol Archaeological Museum, in order to solve them through a new and upgraded visual identity of the museum with an emphasis on the design of a pop-up exhibition. The study includes a comprehensive design proposal for a pop-up exhibition, beyond the Limassol Archaeological Museum, which aims to reduce the museum's shortcomings and attract more audience.

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