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Alexandros Porakos

Alexandros Porakos is a Multimedia and Graphic Design graduate from Cyprus.

Majoring in Multimedia he has developed a portfolio in web design and development - front-end development, UI / UX design – as well as video production and editing for various industries.


Trippin-Still01 - Alexandros.jpg

Design of a social campaign against drug addiction. Made with the use of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro.


by Alexandros Porakos

MINDposter - Alexandros.png

A project made in the framework of the course on Cinematographic Production. The aim was to create a film starting or ending in a famous painting. In the film we follow the leading character using drugs and "travelling" in various imaginary places. The film was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Production team:

Alexandros Porakos and Charalambos Savva.

Advertising campaign against drug addiction

by Alexandros Porakos

HTML-CSS1 - Alexandros.png

Web Platform Design

by Alexandros Porakos

3D design of a space in Autodesk Maya.

room1 - Alexandros.jpg

Website development for the Tiganokinisi platfom. The project consisted in the design and the development of technologies using HTML / CSS and the deployment of the platform in Wordpress. The team was composed by Alexandros Porkaos, Dimitris Yiannacou,

Theresia Christodoulou and Iphigeneia Aristeidou.


3D model by Alexandros Porakos

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